Bandani Lehengas: Inspired by Sabyasachi's Designs

Discover the Vibrant World of Bandani Lehengas at myRiti

Bandani Lehengas, an exquisite segment of Indian wear, are a testament to the enduring artistry of Bandhani. Originating from the art of tie-dye, which has its roots in the Indus Valley Civilization, Bandani work involves dying a fabric tied tightly with a thread at several points, producing a variety of patterns. These patterns are not just designs but narrate stories of ancient traditions and skilled craftsmanship.

What sets Bandani Lehengas apart is their vibrant colors and intricate designs, symbolizing life, energy, and a deep-rooted cultural heritage. These lehengas are more than just a fashion statement; they are a celebration of the rich tapestry of Indian culture and traditions.

Wearing a Bandani Lehenga from myRiti is an experience in itself. Each piece in their collection is curated to showcase the splendor of Indian craftsmanship blended with contemporary design elements. These lehengas are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other auspicious occasions, offering a regal and sophisticated presence.

myRiti’s Exquisite Collection: A Closer Look

1. Yellow & Pista Bandani Lehenga

Image showing Yellow & Pista Bandani Lehenga by myRiti, highlighting its vibrant yellow and pista green colors with intricate Bandani patterns
  • Vibrant Fusion: This lehenga is a striking blend of bright yellow and soothing pista green, reflecting the vibrancy of Indian festivities. Its intricate Bandani patterns are meticulously crafted, offering a unique and eye-catching appeal. The lehenga's lively color palette makes it an excellent choice for day events and springtime celebrations.
  • Price: Rs. 23,900.00
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2. Peachish Orange Bandani Lehenga

Photograph of Peachish Orange Bandani Lehenga from myRiti, showcasing subtle peachish orange hue with delicate Bandani artwork
  • Subtle Elegance: Exuding a soft yet dynamic charm, this lehenga in a peachish orange shade is a testament to understated elegance. The delicate Bandani work adds depth and texture, while the color offers a modern twist to traditional attire. It's perfect for those who prefer a subtle, yet impactful, presence.
  • Price: Rs. 23,900.00
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3. Pink Bandani Lehenga

Pink Bandani Lehenga displayed, featuring soft pink color balanced with traditional Bandani designs, perfect for festive occasions.
  • Classic Charm: This lehenga showcases the timeless appeal of pink, combined with the traditional Bandani art form. The soft hue is balanced with intricate patterns, making it suitable for various occasions, from weddings to festive gatherings. It's a symbol of grace and femininity.
  • Price: Rs. 20,900.00
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4. Red Bandani Lehenga

Bold Red Bandani Lehenga by myRiti, exemplifying rich red tone with elaborate Bandani patterns, ideal for making a statement at traditional events
  • Bold and Beautiful: A true embodiment of classic Indian beauty, this red Bandani lehenga stands out with its bold color and intricate designs. Ideal for making a statement, this piece is perfect for brides or anyone looking to embrace the traditional red in a modern avatar.
  • Price: Rs. 22,900.00
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5. Purple Bandani LehengaImage of Purple Bandani Lehenga from myRiti, illustrating the royal elegance of deep purple combined with artistic Bandani motifs.

  • Royal Sophistication: The purple Bandani lehenga is a blend of royal elegance and artistic craftsmanship. The deep purple hue complements the intricate Bandani patterns, making it a sophisticated choice for evening events and regal celebrations.
  • Price: Rs. 20,900.00
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6. Red Bandani Lehenga Variant

Alternative style of Red Bandani Lehenga showcased, offering a fresh take on classic red with unique patterns and design elements

  • Unique Redefinition: Offering an alternative take on the classic red, this variant adds a fresh perspective to the traditional Bandani lehenga. The unique patterns and design elements make it an excellent choice for those seeking something different yet authentically Indian.
  • Price: Rs. 20,900.00
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7. Pink Bandani Lehenga

Variant of Pink Bandani Lehenga presented, highlighting a different shade and pattern in Bandani style, expanding pink color choices.
  • Diverse Pink Palette: Expanding the choices in the pink range, this variant introduces a different shade and pattern in the Bandani style. It caters to those who love pink but are looking for variety within the color spectrum.
  • Price: Rs. 20,900.00
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myRiti's Bandani Lehengas are more than just fashion pieces; they are a bridge between the past and the present, between age-old traditions and contemporary style. Each lehenga in this collection is a work of art, waiting to be a part of your personal story. Explore this beautiful range at and embrace the unique blend of heritage and modernity in every thread.

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