Sangeet Collection: Dance the Night Away with myRiti

Welcome to the Sangeet Collection at myRiti, where rhythm and fashion come together to create unforgettable moments. Our collection is specially curated for one of the most joyous and vibrant events in any wedding - the Sangeet. Featuring a dazzling array of Lehenga Cholis and Sangeet Lehengas, our collection is designed to make you look and feel fabulous as you celebrate with dance and music.

Lehenga Choli: The Heart of Sangeet Fashion

The Lehenga Choli is a quintessential ensemble for any Sangeet. Our collection showcases Lehenga Cholis that are not just beautiful but also comfortable, allowing you to move freely and enjoy every moment. From intricate embroideries to flowing fabrics, each piece is a testament to craftsmanship and style.

Sangeet Lehengas: Elegance in Every Twirl

Our Sangeet Lehengas are all about celebrating the spirit of the occasion. With designs that range from traditional to contemporary, these Lehengas are perfect for making a statement. Whether you're performing a classical dance or just enjoying the festivities, our Lehengas will ensure you look stunning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What sizes are available in the Sangeet Collection? A: Our Sangeet Collection offers a wide range of sizes to cater to everyone. We believe in celebrating diversity with designs that fit and flatter all body types.

Q: Can I find both traditional and modern styles in the Sangeet Lehengas? A: Absolutely! Our collection includes both traditional and modern styles, ensuring that you find the perfect Lehenga that resonates with your personal taste.

Q: How comfortable are the Lehenga Cholis for dancing? A: We design our Lehenga Cholis with both style and comfort in mind. They are made to be comfortable so that you can dance and move around with ease.

Q: What are the care instructions for Sangeet Lehengas? A: We recommend dry cleaning for our Sangeet Lehengas. Proper care will help maintain the beauty and longevity of your outfit.


Q: Can I order a custom-fit Lehenga? A: Yes, For customization please ping us on Whats App @+91-8919332170.

Q: How long does delivery take? A: Each Outfit is made on order and it would approximately take about 25 days to get your outfit